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Custom Artisan Refitting


DGM has an established reputation for specialized ongoing and seasonal care of custom yachts. We provide skilled support for the efficient and timely execution of solution-based refit and upfit services. Our proven capabilities ensure precision craftsmanship and a guarantee of expertise.


As a local firm, we have a deep connection to our community and resources when sourcing quality  materials and skilled service providers. We believe capability and attention to detail is everything as trusted  and skilled luxury yacht craftsmen.

Our invitation is to introduce you to our extended service offering and the application of our capability to enhance and maintain a cherished work of beauty that is the luxury yacht. We provide skilled support for the efficient execution of solution-based refit and ongoing care services.


Reputation is everything.

We are trusted luxury yacht craftsmen.


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Applying our capability to enhance or maintain a work of beauty

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Ongoing relationships are the foundation to our core of specialty vessels.

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